About Us

Firmaportal.com is a company directory portal designed to provide information about companies in every city of our country. Its purpose is to provide information about the companies you want to do business with, to guide and facilitate your transactions.

By registering in our system, you can add and publish your companies for free and find private customers from all over Turkey free of charge. By adding your company's location, phone numbers, a short introduction about your company, a few pictures, and your e-mail addresses, you become easily accessible. Registering on Firmaportal.com and adding your company is very simple. You can start right away by registering with information such as your name, surname, e-mail address, and phone number.

You can get general information about the companies, institutions and organizations and all kinds of workplaces in the province or district where you live, and you can easily communicate with them thanks to their contact addresses. You don't have to do research about each company one by one, and it saves you from this hassle. In addition, you can see the companies serving in a certain sector by limiting them according to their locations.

You can access the information of any company, whether it is a local company, a medium-sized or large enterprise. Firmportal.com, which serves as Turkey's most advanced company directory, will assist you in this regard. Although it is not easy to reach the company we want due to some restrictions imposed by search engines, you can overcome this with firmaportal.com.

With its simple and user-friendly interface and a wide range of directory consisting of tens of thousands of companies, the Company Portal is the largest company directory in our country. Our team, advancing with the motto of customer satisfaction, expands the company network in our directory day by day and reaches small businesses in the most capillary veins of our country. In this way, you, our valued visitors, can find, reach and communicate with the company you want without even going out on the street.

With the introduction of technology into our lives, the business world has also been greatly affected. While company owners wanted to reach their customers by promoting their companies with technology-based advertisements, this brought great competition. As a company owner, you can register your company in our system for free and have the opportunity to reach thousands of customers for free. This will not only make you very advantageous against your competitors, but will also increase your turnover and number of customers. Because firmaportal.com shows you to tens of thousands of visitors free of charge and provides information about your company.

At the same time, it will save you a great time wasting by enabling you to find the companies you want to do business with. You can contact the companies you do business with or want to do business in the same sector and communicate with them, and in this way, you can quickly establish partnerships.

As Firmaportal.com, we are trying to expand our directory and provide better service to you with each passing day.